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Gifts For Baby Showers

Baby showers are a great occasion but it can be difficult to think about what gifts are best to buy. I thought I would make a list of some the essential baby items that are useful.

Diaper bag - This is one essential piece of equipment that no mother can be without. It is something that makes like a lot easier and more convenient.

Crib - A crib is one those things that a baby really needs. In the first few months of a babies life they are going to start needing to use a crib. Its something a baby may not use when they are first born but will certainly start sleeping in one after not too long.

Stroller - Like a crib, a stroller is one object that a baby may not need at the start but any mother will soon need one after a short time in order to take their baby for walks and trips to different places.

Bouncy Seat - A bouncy seat is a great source of entertainment for your baby and also one that can keep your baby safe while you are busy doing things for you. They are useful when your baby isn’t quite walking by themselves and can help with their walking learning.

Swing - Newborn babies do like to rock to motion and music. The swinging motion makes them feel like they are close to mum and can be useful in getting your baby to sleep.

These are just a few of the useful items that can be purchased for baby showers. There are of course hundreds of things that can be also be really handy but these are the most essential. Many great items for babies and baby showers I have found at who you can use for ideas.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is not an excuse to let your body and health go and there are a number of reasons why it is actually very important to take good care of yourself during pregnancy.

Obviously, weight gain is to be expected during pregnancy because it is a natural need for a women to store some extra fat, fluids and blood as they will help the baby to grow healthy and strong. Unfortunately, there are many women who gain much more weight than is necessary and this can cause a range of problems during the pregnancy, aswell as having the daunting task of losing it after the birth.
Exercising regularly during pregnancy will help to keep weight gains to a healthy level and which will help the body during pregnancy and make it easier to lose the excess weight once the baby is born.

During your pregnancy, as your baby grows in size it will begin to put pressure on your back, hips and bum. This pressure can, of course, lead to much soreness and stiffness. To counter this soreness and stiffness you should exercise. Exercising will help to improve your posture which inturn will keep your back, hip and bum muscles strong and reduce any pain and discomfort.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of those things that is vital to all pregnant women. If you don’t get the right amount of sleep you need, then you can end up being constantly tired and irritable. Exercise is great way to keep yourself active during the day and the more activity you are involved in the more tired you will feel and the more soundly you will sleep at night.

There are actual studies into complications during pregnancy and how exercise effects it, and although limited, it has been shown that women who do exercise during their pregnancy tend to have fewer complications when the baby is being delivered.

Studies have also shown that women who exercise during their pregnancy tend to have leaner babies and this will continue as the baby grows into childhood. Having a health start is a great beginning for your baby and can make a big difference as your child grows up and you encourage him or her to continue with their healthy lifestyle. To reach out to other women going through pregnancy and newborns, join us at .

As with anything, the most important thing during pregnancy is to enjoy the incredible experience and to help it along with some healthy exercise.

Scared of giving birth.

I need to vent this. I haven’t really thought about giving birth..I know how I want to do it, in a birthing pool, with my partner..some nice music and that’s it. However, I will probably scream, attempt to rip anyone’s head off who tells me “it’ll be okay” and break my partners hands whilst giving…

Waking Up To My Newborn Baby

I love waking up to my newborn baby. It may make me feel tired and spend most of the time in a state of zombieness through lack of sleep but I still love to wake up for my baby.

Every time is a moment of love and happiness and there is nothing more I enjoy doing than looking after that little bundle of love.

I will enjoy getting a little more sleep as the little one grows older though ;)

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